Rolling Door Operator

Rolling door operator is designed for roller shutter doors. The design is made for the left or right-hand operation. This is an induction motor that has a sequence running time of proximity 5 minutes continuous time. The motor is designed for single and three-phase operation. There is also a battery backup system that works on a 24 VDC operation.

The limits are a mechanical operation mechanism that is a safe design. The electrical controls are an international standard design and not normally made for south African applications. The remotes are working on a 433 HZ frequency and can be changed to SA approved frequency which is called code hopping system.

We can convert all units to a contactor controller that can integrate with your standard systems.

  • Access control
  • Loop detection
  • Card readers
  • BMS systems
  • Fire evacuation systems
  • Biometric systems
  • local remote systems
  • Fingerprint systems
  • Time and attendance systems
  • House automation systems
  • Wifi network systems
  • Face recognition systems
  • Smart key systems

It is called the Safer contactor controller.