Residential Property Solutions offer a Professional Independent Property Inspection report to the Residential, Commercial and Industrial property market; this includes the Seller, Buyer, property owners, developers, Insurance institutions, financial institutions and estate Agents.

We have years of experience in different sectors of the property industry.  Specialized equipment will be use in different aspects to insure quality inspections.

Photographic and written reports will be available after every inspection. This will be the biggest investments you will be making in your property to insure you have peace of mind.

Inspections can be under the following categories:

  • Standard Inspection
  • Newly Built Inspection
  • Building Disputes Inspection
  • Building Progress Inspection
  • Handover and snagging Inspection

What is a property inspection?

A property inspection is a non-invasive, visual examination of the accessible areas of a property, performed for a fee, which is designed to identify defects within specific systems and components that are both observed and deemed material by the inspector Components include structural, electrical, plumbing and other essential systems of the home.

The inspection is based on the observations made on the date of the inspection, and not a prediction of future conditions.

The home inspection will not reveal every issue that exists or ever could exist, but only those material defects observed on the date of the inspection.

What is a Home Inspector?

A Home Inspector is a generalist with a good knowledge of a wide variety of systems. Residential property solutions have the knowledge to recognize conditions that are defective, a danger or that is in need of urgent maintenance, repairs or conditions that require further evaluation by a specialist such as a structural engineer.

What is a material defect?

A material defect is a specific issue with a system or component of a property that may have a significant, adverse impact on the value of the property, or that poses an unreasonable risk to people.  The fact that a system or component is near, or beyond the end of its normal life span , in itself, a material defect.

This Inspection report is an objective assessment of the observable physical condition of a property. We do not pass or fail properties we inspect the property and give our specialized input to provide the owner with information regarding the status of the property and not the value.
Our inspection reports simply seek to provide useful information which will enable all parties to a property transaction to make informed decisions based on facts.

In the revised Code of Banking Practice, applicable from January1, 2012, potential property buyers are explicitly advised that ” your bank is not responsible for determining the structural quality or any defects in the property  ”  (Code of Banking Practice, 8.2.6)


A Standard Home Inspection covers the following but are not limited to..


  • External
    • Boundary Walls & Fences; Pedestrian & Vehicle Gates; Paving; Storm Water Drainage; Retaining Walls, Garden Water – Irrigation; Garden Steps & Staircases,
  • Exterior Walls
    •  Paint, Walls, Windows, Doors
  • External Features
    •  Balconies, Timber Decks, Braai, Jaccuzi, Lapas and Gazebo, Patios, swimming pools, tennis courts
  • Foundation
    • Foundation Walls.
  • Roof
    •  Roof, Waterproofing , Valleys, Facia , Gutters, flushing’s.
  • Outside buildings
    • Staff quarters, storerooms, garages


  • Interior Finishes
    • Doors & Frames; Kitchen, Scullery & Pantry Units; Bedroom , Cupboards; Bathrooms & Bathroom and Fittings; Fire Place & Braai; Blinds & Curtain Rails, skirting, windows, ceilings,
  • Interior Structure
    • Roof Cavity, Ceilings and Cornices, Internal Walls, Floor Slab and Covering, stairs.
  • Utilities
    • Electrical, Plumbing and Gas Installations are inspected. We use compliance certificates on request at an additional cost


Specialized Inspections

 Residential Property solutions will provide the following specialized inspections. An additional cost will be added if the owner agrees on the expenses.

  •  Electrical compliance certificate
  • Infrared inspections
  • Gas installation inspections
  • Plumbing inspections certificates

Anybody can request a report the from the seller , buyer, agent, tenant, developer, owner financial instituted has the right to request an inspection. This report can be requested and can be used as part of their marketing to show full disclosure and to minimize any possible come backs or expensive court cases.

Usually the person that requests the inspection pays for the inspection, but an agreement between the parties involved can be made regarding the costs.

The cost of the property will be estimated value of the property. The fees will start from R1950.00.

The full written pdf report will include digital photos.

The reports will be kept in our archive for a minimum of 12 months.