We provide Support Services in:

Electrical Repairs, Maintenance & Installations

Electrical Compliance Certificate

Garage Doors & Gate Automation

Smart Home Automation

Solar Systems

Building and Construction

  • Electrical
    Repairs, Maintenance & Installations

    We specialize in commercial,industrial and residential maintenance.Unsafe equipment is a fire hazard and can cause death.
    The equipment must be connected to the correct circuits breakers to ensure safety.Earth tests must be done regularly.

  • Electrical compliance

    We are accredited to work on single and three phase units. We are registered with the labour act Licenses/SABS 0142 Regulations.It is very important to keep the documents to date to insure safety for your love one’s at home.

  • Energy saving

    This is one of the most important projects today that can save you money.High electrical and water consumption can be eliminated in the property with minor changed. We will assist in such projects to save the world and make it a better place.

  • Garage door & gate automation

    The operating units must be maintained yearly. It is necessary to do maintenance to insure the safety mechanisms is operational and in a working condition.Unsafe units can cause harm to children.

  • Solar Systems

    Irrigation systems is not only a nice to have but also designed to save water consumption. The controllers are user friendly and can be set to water the garden early morning before sunrise.The system is effortless.

  • Electric Fencing

    Electric fencing is a very important product in this time.
    The systems are very safe and can be implemented on any steel fence, plastered wall, brickwork or a wall can be created with a fence to give ultimate safety to your family and property.

  • Prepaid meter
    installations & inspections

    We assist in installation of sub metering for property owners to insure that the municipality account does not get in arrears.The owner of the property will be held liable for any outstanding costs. We do monthly inspections to prevent illegal bridging.

  • Maintenance contracts

    We specialize in commercial, industrial & residential properties. Preventive and scheduled maintenance contracts is available.

  • Property

    Inspections is necessary when selling or purchasing a property to ensure that no legal action can be taken against the seller or purchaser

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