We provide Support Services in:

Management, Assessments, Consulting, Projects and Maintenance

  • Purpose

    The purpose of iThemba Property Solutions is to consolidate property management and to assist in such a matter that the property owner has the correct information about the condition of his property at all times
  • Assistance

    Our assistance will give you the opportunity to consolidate the day to day maintenance or ad-hoc maintenance to uninspected faults that can cause additional damage or costs during the time that the property is not under your supervision

  • Experience

    Our experience will ensure you that your property value will increase due to our ability to be pro active so that existing problems can be dealt with and minimize unnecessary expenses. Most house owners are not aware of existing defects when they purchase a house. As a result this can accumulate to thousands of rand when the owner eventually becomes aware of the defects.

  • Management

    Management assistance can be a powerful tool for the owner and enable him to prioritize property defects and to minimize costs

  • Assessments

    Assessment reports will assist the owner to budget for maintenance and to keep his/her property in such a condition so that the property value will increase yearly not decrease as a result of non preventive maintenance.

  • Consulting

    Consulting service to our customers will insure that the cost involved will be managed and that specified equipment the materials used are used according to the specifications and standers of the building regulations. Quantities of materials used for the projects will be managed to control theft and wastages

  • Maintenance

    Maintenance is very important and will save the owner costs if immediate and correct action is taken when problems occur. The value of a property will not decrease if the property is well maintained during the years.

  • Support Services

    Our Support Services to Residential, Commercial and Industrial property market will support the Seller, Buyer, property owners, developers, financial institutions and estate Agents.

  • Projects

    PROJECTS on the premises


“Be pro active and increase value”